Saint Timothy's is a welcoming and inclusive
community.  No matter where you are on
your spiritual path, no matter your age,
national origin, economic status, or sexual
orientation, Saint Timothy's is a safe place to
bring your hopes, fears, dreams, and
questions.  We endeavor to love as Jesus
loves; welcome as Jesus welcomes - with
open arms and open hearts.

We understand it can be difficult to visit a new church for the first time.  Most people have
reservations about being exposed to a new worshiping community.  This Q & A is an
endeavor to attempt to answer some of those questions and address some fears you may
have.  Have more??  
Contact us.

What in the world is an Episcopal Church anyway?  
During the colonial era of our nation, the Church of England established its presence with
the first parish founded in Jamestown, VA.  When the American Revolution broke out, the
clergy who remained in America formed the Episcopal Church.  There is a rich history
between the formation of America and the Episcopal Church.

What can I expect in an Episcopal Service?
Episcopal worship is deeply liturgical, meaning that is follows intentional patterns and
ways of praying.  Liturgy, commonly translated as "the work of the people," demands
active participation from both the clergy and the people of the congregation.  Liturgy seeks
to involve our whole bodies and all our senses in the service through posture, music,
candles, flowers, water, wine, books, touch etc.  A great resource is the
Episcopal Service

What if I am unsure about coming to a worship service?
The best way to be active in the body of Christ (as we are all brothers and sisters in) is to
worship collectively together; however, your worship is a journey and it can begin with
seeking internet information, emailing questions, reading our blogs, or visiting our adult
Sunday school.

What is your adult Sunday school all about?
Sunday mornings at 9:00am we meet for a bring-your-own-breakfast Sunday school and
discuss the Gospel lesson, current issues, or just whatever is on our hearts and minds.  It
is a great way to become familiar with our church.

Will I be welcome?
The best way to answer this question is for you to come and see for yourself.  Saint
Timothy's excels in being a welcoming community.  Your level of participation is
completely up to you.  Just know that our worship is enhanced by all who participate and
together we can make a difference in our lives and those of others!
9:00 AM Adult Sunday School
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist